Youth Western Wear

You may have never led a posse in a cloud of dust through be badlands chasing down the bad guys to bring them to justice…in your mind, but I have! My heroes growing up were Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey and the Lone Ranger. Every kid needs to ride a white stallion – in their imagination – with their favorite cowboy western hero.

Baggy pants, worn showing most of the underwear, and a shabby T-shirt just doesn’t foster that kind of imagination. ┬áKids look good and imagine even better when they’re all decked out in youth western wear. You tell me, which looks more wholesome, low-rider baggy pants or a sharp outfit of western clothes for kids? Oh, and by the way, that needs to be topped off with a 10 gallon hat (well maybe 5 gallon…they are, after all, kids).

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9:00 am | by Dave

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