Women’s Western Shirts Have Changed…Again

Does anyone remember watching a western movie where the male star and the female star were dressed the same? I don’t remember ever seeing anything like that. As I recall, the male star usually wore something pretty plain, and the females mostly wore gingham dresses…and bonnets.

I personally appreciate the nice patterns and colors of western shirts now. I also like the fact that I can wear the same shirt as the ladies except that my buttons will be on the correct (right) side of the shirt. Just a while back, we discussed the fact that women’s western shirts (as well as most women’s shirts/blouses) have the buttons on the left side…because long ago, someone else dressed the ladies.

I’m not sure why I even started this discussion again, because most western shirts now have snaps instead of buttons, and the snaps are on the right side for the ladies and the left for the guys. You just get to the point you think you have something figured out, and someone comes along and changes it. What a way to start the new year…confused.

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4:13 pm | by Dave

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