What Is Western Wear

It’s kind of interesting how the way and place you grew up stamps your perspective of style. I grew up on a farm and ranch in Colorado, and if someone were to ask me what our style of dress was I would probably initially be completely stumped. It’s just what we put on in the morning…that’s just how it was. Of course I would probably be thinking about getting dressed to go out and climb on a tractor or a horse to get something done. Getting dressed for school or church or the movies would, of course, be different. That would probably be the same style of clothes as going to work…but before they were worn out enough to make you think it was ok to wear them to work in.

I would probably not have even thought about what style, but if I had, that would have been western wear. It’s just what we wore. I’ve seen advertisements out of Asia on the web for western wear, and that’s definitely a different perspective. About anything that appears as if it would be worn by Americans seem to them to be “western wear”.

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12:29 pm | by Dave

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