Western Shirts In Hawaii?

I recently spent nearly three months working in Hawaii.  I’ve always thought of those flowery short sleeved shirts as “Hawaiian Shirts”.  One thing I noticed right away was that very few Hawaiians wear them.  Most of them who wear those shirts are somehow associated with the tourist industry.  Lots of the tourists wear them.  I jokingly told people that’s the way the locals “brand” tourists to keep track of us.

I have a couple of those colorful, flowery shirts, but I wore western shirts most of the time. I’ve occasionally been accused of being a bit of a contrarian…not just for what I wear.  I like western shirts and maybe I do like to be different.  Ok, I’ll admit it I like to stand out, and wearing a “tourist” shirt doesn’t do that when everyone knows you aren’t a local.

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9:19 pm | by Dave

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