Western Apparel Is Your Answer

Ya gotta wear something, right? Especially if you live in Wyoming. It can get a bit chilly here. Add the wind chill factor to that, and you don’t get a lot of nudist colonies in Wyoming.

So if you have to wear something, you might as well wear something that makes you look good, right? Now, if we consider that lots of folks in movies look really good, we’re closing in on what we should be wearing…what people in movies wear, right? Stick with me here, we’re about to arrive at a conclusion. When you’ve discussed what kind of a movie to pick up to watch that evening, have you ever said “Let’s get an Eastern…or a Northern…or a Southern? No you haven’t, but it’s a good bet that someone has suggested “Lets get a good Western”. There you go, western apparel is your answer!

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9:00 am | by Dave

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