Men’s Western Shirts

Men’s western shirts have the whole package. Good colors, two pockets, nice lines and snaps instead of buttons. What more could you possibly want? But I don’t want to be like the bird kingdom, hogging all the cool colors to the male of the species. I think the ladies should get to look good too.

Two pockets on a shirt is just a natural requirement. When you’re doin’ stuff, ya gotta have stuff to do it with. Pockets are where you put the stuff.

Shirts without the outline of the yoke are just boring. And the snaps…that’s the best of all. Why would anyone want to use buttons to close up your shirt when you could have snaps? Even better than that, when it’s time to take it off, just pull the tails apart in front at the bottom and just keep on pulling!

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9:00 am | by Dave

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