Kids Western Wear, Special Or Routine?

There are a lot of kids in the rural west who would probably be surprised to be informed that they were dressed in kids western wear. It’s just what they are accustomed to wearing. However, for most kids, particularly those in an urban setting, western wear is something special.

Does anyone know any kid who doesn’t enjoy being special? I think kids are naturally romantic, creative and imaginative. Give them western apparel outfits, and they can become whoever happens to be their favorite cowboy or cowgirl.

With any luck they won’t start to believe they should try to spend eight seconds on two thousand pounds of bull-flesh…at least not until they’ve had time to acquire better sense. Just kidding bull riders…the reason I’ve never mounted one of those beasts is not that I had better sense, it was a shortage of intestinal fortitude.

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8:56 pm | by Dave

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