Western Purses, Complete Your Outfit

Yeah, I know, you already have a gazillion purses. So why would you need a few western purses? Consider this…you’re all decked out in your finest western shirt, skirt, and hat and the only thing you can find that will go with them are tennis shoes.

That would never work would it? So why would you want to sling a plain, boring purse over your shoulder? You’ve got to complete the picture, right. Let’s assume now that you’ve done the right thing and outfitted yourself with a saddle purse, a purse with some fringe on it, maybe one with a few conchos…each in a different color to match any western attire you have picked out of the closet. Of course you have the boots too, I was just kidding about the tennis shoes. Thank God I’m a guy and don’t have to worry about all that. My wife does the worrying for me about how I look.

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9:00 am | by Dave

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