Western Belts Can Carry Special Challenges

I think belts should have personality and most western belts have that personality. A lot of, but not all, take on character in the form of carving in the leather. Many will have the wearer’s name carved in the middle of the back.

A few years ago I discovered a problem with having your name in the middle of the back of your belt. In this case, when it was made for me I was wearing a size or two larger belt than I do now. When I cinched it up, my name was no longer in the middle of the back.

The solution to that problem isn’t as simple as it might first appear.┬áIf you want the name to remain in the middle of the back, the extra length of the belt is on both ends of the belt in equal amounts. Cutting some off the hole end is pretty simple…not so much on the buckle end.

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9:00 am | by Dave

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