Looking Good In A Bolo Tie

I’ve written before about getting favorable comments (usually from ladies) about a bolo tie I was wearing, but it has usually been from ladies of the slightly “more mature” persuasion. Thanksgiving day I actually received a complement on my bolo from a great-niece who was about 12.

I was already sold on bolo ties vs. those cloth things some people tie around their necks. Now I’m even more convinced that it would be crazy to wear any other kind of tie.

However, since I have to be completely honest, I have to say that that same young lady said she couldn’t believe that I was only four years older than my next younger brother. I was thinking I looked younger than he does, so I’m not sure how much credibility to assign to this rotten kid. (He said, grinning.)

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9:00 am | by Dave

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