Cowboy Tie, Bolo For Me

I guess you could call me a cowboy wanna-be. That’s not really true either though. Real cowboy work is darned hard! And there’s no dang way I’m gonna get on a bronc or bull in a rodeo arena. I served my cowboy time while I was growing up. Riding out looking for strays after a blizzard is not a good time. My nose knows the damage that can be done by direct sun teamed up with sun bouncing off the snow on the ground too.

But I really like western wear. And one of my favorite items in that category is a cowboy bolo tie. I don’t really mind wearing a regular business tie. Sometimes a business tie is more appropriate with a nice western cut suit. Bolo ties are sure more comfortable though, and I think they look really sharp.

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9:00 am | by Dave

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