A Saddle Purse Perspective

I gotta be honest, up until about a year ago, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a saddle purse. I knew of saddle horses, saddle bags, saddle blankets, saddle pads, etc. but the idea of a saddle purse had never crossed my mind.

Had I learned about saddle purses by other means than a picture of some, I would have imagined something quite different. I might have imagined that the ladies have special purses they have with them when they are riding.

If you are learning about this kind of purse right now and since you don’t have a picture of one, believe it or not they look almost exactly like a saddle. They even come in lots of different sizes. Would you believe there are even change purses that look like a saddle. “Honey, does this saddle make my butt look big?”

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5:53 pm | by Dave

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